The project addresses Sexual and reproductive health and rights of girls and women in Kenya and Norway to enable them receive information on SRHR and to have access to SRHR services. This is in recognition that sexual health encompasses mental and social wellbeing and is affected by economic circumstances. The project therefore takes a holistic approach to SRHR, addressing also the social and economic wellbeing of girls and young women.



  1. Planned number of exchange rounds: 3 rounds
  2. Exchange project period: 3 years
  3. Standard exchange period for the NOREC participants:
    • 12 months working in Y Global
    • 12 months working in YWCA Kenya
    • 18 months working in Amathea Norway
    • 2 weeks of follow-up work after coming home for all participants

Summary of knowledge, skills and competencies gained by NOREC participants during the exchange

  1. Training of Trainers sessions.
  2. Telling stories through photography
  3. Exposure to development team, leading to increased knowledge of interaction with varied partners, review of partner reports, proposal writing and documentation
  4. Improved ability to facilitate sessions for different target audience
  5. Cultural adaptation
  6. Community mobilization and engagement skills
  7. SRHR in the Kenyan context is shrouded with taboos and the approach used for outreach greatly determines target audience confidence
  8. Safe space model for engaging young people and different target audiences
  9. Development of comprehensive training guides/tools are important for cohesive and successful training for purposes of continuity beyond the exchange period
  10. Training of Champions for continuity for sustainability beyond the exchange
  11. Difficult conversations like contraception and abortion are possible even within a faith context.

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