YWCA Kenya in adherence to the National disease prevention, containment and management protocols issued through a Presidential directive and the Government of Kenya put in place institutional measures aimed at containing the spread of the Corona Virus within all its facilities at the National Headquarters and Branches. Extending our awareness and sanitization initiatives to the vulnerable communities that we serve in the informal settlements of Nairobi, Kisumu and Mombasa.

The following strategies were applied:

1. Provision of hand sanitizers to the vulnerable communities.

2.  Installation of water tanks at various community access points

3. Issuing customized jerry with taps for clean water for washing hands to individual homes.

4. Formation of SIGs groups to teach soap making as an income generating activity.

5. Information broadcasts on local FM radio stations.

6. Outreach safe space activities at all sanitation points with referral services and hotlines for assistance.

Project Outcome:

1. An informed population at the informal settlements with correct information, observing hygiene and taking measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

2. Access to correct information and awareness of provided emergency numbers and hotlines for medical and physical support which reduces mental stress to the overburdened population.

3. Soap making and empowered groups to supply water as a source of income for the population to support themselves socio-economically.

4. Radio broadcasting issuing physical advisory measures on safety (handwashing, social distancing), speaking out against gender-based violence and spreading empowerment messages on the mental stability of PLWDs, women and girls during the STAY AT HOME Government directives.

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