What does this project aim to achieve?

YWCA Kenya aims to support the Inter-Religious platforms in Kenya to step-up initiatives that prevent and counter ideologies that enhance violent extremism amongst the vulnerable Youth (P/CVE) through a project funded by YMCA/YWCA Global of Norway titled “Strengthening Youth Resilience against Violent Extremism: An Inter-Faith approach to peace and justice in Mombasa, Nairobi and Kisumu Counties in Kenya.”

Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu Counties have become particularly associated with extremism ranging from sporadic attacks, to tribal clashes at every election cycle. Not only are young people from these Counties engaging in acts of violent extremism, but they are also being recruited and radicalized at a highly alarming rate with extremists taking advantage of historical grievances, security lapses, social and economic fault lines to fuel radicalization and recruitment of young people from local populations.

Who does this project target?

This project has two primary target groups.

  1. Youth at risk of radicalization: Youth in urban slums in the selected counties are sensitized and trained on countering violent extremism. The trained youth are organized as CVE peer educators/catalysts and peace groups while engaging in beneficial socio-economic activities.
  2. Religious Leaders: In recognizing the critical role played by religious leaders and institutions in maintaining peace and harmony in our communities, this project builds the knowledge and skills of religious leaders to violent extremism at the grass-root level. It further supports the religious leaders to conduct interfaith dialogues, together with youth and other stakeholders, in order to find lasting solutions to challenges and risks of violent extremism.

What is the project’s approach?

This project has a three pronged approach, as follows:

  1. It enhances the capacity of youth to effectively engage in interfaith dialogues and campaigns countering violent extremism by
    • Creating a cadre of youth catalysts with knowledge and skills to participate effectively in inter-faith dialogues and campaigns to counter religious extremism
    • Implementing online and offline youth-led campaigns and community outreaches in targeted communities to promote interfaith actions to counter religious extremism.
  2. It enhances the capacity of religious leaders to conduct interfaith dialogues and share common values among youth and religious institutions by establishing and supporting functional interfaith youth working group with respective structures at the local and national level.
  3. Improving young people’s livelihoods through employment and entrepreneurship thus preventing their involvement in inter-faith conflict by engaging young people in Entrepreneurship and Vocational Training as a measure to prevent them from joining violent extremism


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