About Us

YW4A - Young Women for Awareness, Agency, Advocacy & Accountability

YWCA Kenya is making remarkable strides in empowering young women, Women's Rights Organizations (WROs), and Faith-Based Organizations (FBOs) across various pathways. Through a comprehensive range of activities, the YW4A programme is driving impactful changes in advocacy, organizational capacity, partnerships, media engagement, and more.

Results and Achievements;

1. Advocacy Capacity Enhancement:

WROs, FBOS, and young women receive training to enhance their advocacy skills. Resulting in improved understanding of legal frameworks, policy analysis, and media strategies.

2. Organizational Capacity Strengthening:

YWCA Kenya has through the YW4A provided training to WROs on organizational management particularly in Financial Management, Communication, and Institutional Policies. WROs have received training manuals, recruited young women, and undertook resource mobilization efforts including enhancing the Sexual Exploitation, Abuse, and Harassment (SEAH) policy.

3. Partnerships and Movement Building:

YWCA Kenya, WROs, and FBOs participate in workshops to establish partnerships and coalitions, expanding their networks. Successful collaborations have been formed with similar organizations.

4. Social Accountability:

YWCA Kenya empowers WROs and FBOs with skills and tools for social accountability. WROs are then able to conduct social audits to hold decision-makers accountable, leading to changes in local policies, such as the County Integrated Development Plan.

5. Leadership Development and Advocacy Training:

YW4A recruited and trained young women as ToTs through a transformative leadership manual developed by the World YWCA. The young women establish safe spaces providing leadership and advocacy training to young women in communities.

Through the YW4A programme, YWCA Kenya is creating a positive impact, building the capacity of young women, WROs, and FBOs, and catalyzing change in Kenya's legal and policy landscape.

Find out more: https://yw4a.org/