Bridging Hope for Persons with Disabilities

Bridging Hope for Persons with Disabilities in Kenya

This initiative, led by YWCA Kenya, was an advocacy campaign for the Global Disability Summit (GDS) 2022, and derived significant efforts to advocate for the rights of persons with disabilities and drive positive change in Kenya.
Here's a summary of our achievements and the impact made during this project:

Notable Findings;

We gathered crucial data highlighting gaps in disability inclusion. The findings include:

  1. Insufficient data on PWDs at the County level, hindering the implementation of GDS commitments.
  2. Disparities in Women and Youth Access to Government Procurement Opportunities (AGPO) compared to PWDs.
  3. Limited access to information about County opportunities for PWDs.

Results and Achievements;

  1. Enhanced capacity of CSOs and DPOs to engage in advocacy for Global Disability Summit (GDS) commitments.
  2. Empowered CSOs and DPOs as agents of change at the County/National platform, advocating for the rights of persons with disabilities through GDS mechanisms.

The success of the project was achieved through effective coordination with key stakeholders, capacity building, advocacy through media platforms, and the development of an Advocacy toolkit.

This project has led to increased awareness and involvement of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) in advocacy efforts. These individuals have emerged as change agents, advocating for inclusive technology and even developing innovative utility services tailored to the needs of PWDs.