Sexual, Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR)

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights – Promoting Youth access to Life Skill Based SRHR.

YWCA Kenya is implementing the transformative exchange project funded by NOREC through Y-Global, a collaborative effort that has ignited positive change across borders. YWCA Kenya proudly spearheads this initiative in collaboration with esteemed partners: Youth Peace Makers Tanzania, YMCA Ethiopia, Y GLOBAL Norway, YWCA South Sudan, and AMATHEA Norway.
Results and Achievements

  1. Expanding Horizons Through Exchange Programs: The project's foundation rests on the spirit of exchange, fostering global learning and collaboration. These exchanges amplify knowledge sharing and mutual growth among diverse cultures.
  2. Advocacy for Change and Policy Development: A key milestone lies in the establishment of a youth-friendly Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) center in Jomvu, Kenya. YWCA Kenya's commitment to actively participating in policy development and implementation has made a resounding impact. The organization's engagement in the Women Leadership Conference further propels the advancement of women's rights.
  3. Guiding the Youth: Mentorship and Outreach: In their pursuit of holistic empowerment, YWCA Kenya conducts mentorship sessions on life skills-based SRHR and mental health for both in and out-of-school youth. The organization extends its reach through SRHR outreach programs, touching lives in Mombasa, Kisumu, and Meru.
  4. Strengthening Capacities: Constant learning is the cornerstone of growth. Continuous training for project participants and coordinators on life skills-based SRHR and effective exchange mechanisms ensures sustained progress. YWCA Kenya is dedicated to integrating SRHR education seamlessly into other projects, multiplying its impact.
  5. Celebrating Global Togetherness: The project thrives on virtual engagement to celebrate international days, uniting partners across continents to commemorate occasions that resonate with their shared values.
  6. Building Bridges, Branching Out: Underlining its commitment to expansion, YWCA Kenya has established the YWCA Meru Branch, amplifying the scope of project implementation. SRHR's cross-cutting significance is emphasized, and its integration into other YWCA projects underscores the organization's holistic approach to empowerment.
  7. Guiding the Partnership: YWCA Kenya's pivotal role as the South Coordinator in this dynamic partnership reflects its dedication to leading and facilitating collective progress in the realm of SRHR and women's empowerment.

YWCA Kenya's journey through this exchange project stands as a testament to the power of partnership. The organization's remarkable integration of SRHR into various projects is commendable, solidifying its position as a beacon of women and girls' rights empowerment.