Interfaith engagement for peace and justice in Kenya (PCVE)

Interfaith engagement to prevent effects of religious marginalization for peace and justice in Kenya

YWCA Kenya has been able to foster strong partnerships between Interfaith peace groups, small community groups and government security agencies, creating a united front against Violent Extremism (VE). By enabling community-government collaboration, we not only address SDG 16 but also achieve SDG 17, fostering partnerships and relationships that pave the way for Preventing Violent Extremism (PVE).

Results and Achievements

1. Enhanced Capacity for Youth Engagement

Empowering youth with skills to actively participate in interfaith dialogues, campaigns, and peace initiatives. With over 1,775 youth championing interfaith harmony in Kenya, having close collaboration with universities has played a pivotal role in this success, engaging students who became strong advocates for peaceful elections and holding leaders accountable for policy actions.

2. Participation in Dialogues

Through the project, youth have represented their peers in local and national interfaith dialogue and advocacy sessions. This involvement has led to profound outcomes, including the signing of peace charters during regional and county dialogues, increased ownership of PVE initiatives, and the development of impactful peace messages amplified through media platforms.

3. Training youth as Interfaith Catalysts

YWCA trained youth as interfaith dialogue catalysts. They have been instrumental in promoting interfaith harmony, leveraging partnerships with organizations, and facilitating social dialogue training for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs). The efforts have significantly improved religious, social, and political tolerance, bridging divides within the community.

The project has effectively showcased the power of an interfaith approach in harnessing the potential of community-led initiatives. It serves as a compelling example of how such initiatives can drive positive change, cultivate partnerships, and leave a lasting impact on our society, all aimed at preventing youth radicalization.