Promoting engagement in Post-Paris Climate Dialogue Processes

Voices for Just Climate Action - Deepening African Youth, Women and Indigenous People’s engagement in Post Paris Climate Dialogue Processes.

Despite their pivotal roles in climate adaptation and mitigation, African youth, women, and indigenous communities are often left out of the critical post-Paris climate dialogue. This neglect perpetuates a missed opportunity to harness their knowledge and capability in crafting effective climate solutions.
YWCA Kenya is taking significant steps towards amplifying the voices of marginalized communities in Kenya:

Results and Achievements;


  1. Policy Input and Advocacy: Collaboratively, facilitating crucial participation of youth, women, and indigenous representatives in shaping Kenya's climate change policies. This includes input on climate change act amendments, county climate action plans, and critical COP discussions.
  2. Capacity Building: Through interactive webinars, champions from diverse backgrounds engaged with youth and indigenous communities. This equips participants with knowledge about climate finance, carbon markets, and more, ensuring their informed participation in key climate dialogues.
  3. Awareness Creation: The project does not just stop at policy advocacy; it initiated on-ground actions. A local event on World Environment Day, empowered over 460 participants to contribute to environmental conservation and climate change awareness.
  4. International Engagement: The project extended its influence to the global stage. Youth and indigenous voices were presented at COP 28 discussions in Sharm-El-Sheikh, Egypt to advocate for increased access to negotiations, financial support for local actions, and representation from the Global South.
  5. Inclusive Planning: Collaborative efforts focused on incorporating marginalized voices into national and county-level climate policies. This engagement aimed at shaping the third-generation national climate change action plan, ensuring its alignment with priorities such as water and blue economy, just cities, and agriculture.

The future of our country Kenya and the continent of Africa hinges on harnessing the energy and wisdom of its youth, women, and indigenous communities. By including their voices in climate dialogues, policies, and actions, we unlock a pathway to sustainable development, climate resilience, and a better world for all.

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