Week Without Violence 2021

It’s the year 2021 and Gender based violence is only getting worse.  It continues to be one of the biggest issue impacting the lives of women, and has only worsened due to Covid-19.

For 25 years, YWCA’s from all over the world have taken part in the #WeekWithoutViolence campaign as a medium to host events, share stories and engage policy makers and take action to end gender based violence.  This is a global campaign to end violence against women. The campaign occurs in the third week of October each year. This year’s theme was “Let’s Co-Create Solutions to End Gender –Based Violence! “

We took part in the campaign in collaboration with World YWCA through social media engagement & community forums, with the aim of creating awareness about GBV and find solutions to solve the issue.  

When we envision a world without violence, we begin to build a path to creating that world. Help us raise awareness about gender-based violence, support survivors, and envision a world without violence!