Waste Recycling Stakeholders Meeting in Likoni

The activity, held on 31st Aug, was organized by Hand in Hand in partnership with YWCA Msa and it brought together representatives from the national government in Likoni, County government department of Environment, solid waste management and Energy, County administration ( Sub-County Administrator) Base Titanium, WWF, and NEEMA to discuss issue of Establishing a recycling center in Likoni. The main purpose was to look ino how to support waste managers to engage in material recovery and Build-up enterprises to support environmental conservation and have livelihood incomes and achieve value addition in waste management. 

>  Create synergy amongst stakeholders on the Establishment of the Recycling center at Likoni to avoid duplication of efforts or a multi-sectoral approach to the issue.

·>Develop a roadmap to the establishment of the Recycling Centre and critical issues to be handled

The Likoni recycling centers will be an epicenter for waste value addition point for the wastepreneurs in the Plastic economy. The center will be community owned but with support from stakeholders such County government, national government and other development partners. The recycling center will be designed to support the community with aggregation of raw material and form part of segregation and sorting point of material in categories of color and different waste fractions and finally shredded for further processing to cottage industries, thus enabling market linkage.The centers will be equipped with a Shredding machine and a storage facility and through county government and National government (NEMA) the centers will be ensured to be compliant.


The activity supports the already made decision by the Community Development Committee(CDC) of Likoni Subcounty who had decided that the financial contribution made by Base Titanium, a mining company ( 1% of annual revenues according to the mining Act should go towards community development projects) should be used to Establish the Recycling Centres. The CDC comprises o the Governor, MP Likoni, County Assembly majority leader, A representative of women, 2 youths representatives (Male/Female), PWDs representative, DCC Likoni, 3 License Holders, and Representative of Village Elders.