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Earth Day

22 April, 2021

Earth Day is an annual event held to show support for the protection of the environment and our planet. Typically, Earth Day is assigned a different theme or area of focus each year; this year’s theme was “Restore Our Earth.” With social distancing still in place for many of us this April, Earth Day celebrations were virtual. Here at YWCA Kenya we joined the rest of the world in increasing awareness on environmental problems as well as to highlight the important connection between gender and climate.

Through our work at YWCA we promote women’s climate change adaptation and mitigation as well as advocate for a better understanding of women’s needs and roles in fighting climate change.

Women are affected differently and more severely by climate change and its impact on agriculture. They are not only victims but also possess the knowledge and skills to effectively contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation. Despite this, they are largely under-represented in decision making processes at all levels.