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YW4A Country Inception Meeting

05 March, 2021

YW4A is a five-year program financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Netherlands. The program will be implemented through a consortium in the countries of Kenya, Egypt, South Sudan and Palestine. The program seeks to narrowly address interventions related to Sexual Gender Based Violence (SGBV) and Intimate Partner Violence (IPV). 

To have a clear working program and to ensure efficiency, YWCA held an inception meeting on the 5th of March which brought together relevant partners responsible for the project execution. The purpose of the meeting was to: 

  •  Enhance the capacity of the partners & staff on the YW4A project
  •  Develop the organizations ‘annual work plan for the year 2021.
  • Generate and ensure enthusiasm & commitment to the partnershi
  • Facilitate learning and knowledge
  • Minimize potential risk
  • Ensure adaptability and agility of patrons
  • Realign goals with other branches, WRO’S
  • Ensure a common understanding of the program
  • Kick-start the program
  • Decide on how to work together and next steps


The meeting was well attended with participation of 30 people and was participatory with everybody actively engaged in the presentation & the Q and A session. The meeting marked the official program kick-off.