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Interfaith Dialogue On Emerging Narratives in Kisumu

03 March, 2021

On March 3rd, The Inter-Faith Dialogues in Kisumu brought together Religious leaders and institutions, CSOs working on peace and security, YWCA Inter-Faith working group committee members NCCK youth mediators and catalysts, and the county government representatives from the Counties. The dialogue was well attended with diverse participation of 60 youth and everybody actively engaged in the discussion. 

Through the dialogue, the youth  were able to identify main drivers of  violent extremism, opportunities young people and women have in combating VE, How youth and religions institutions contribute towards managing conflict in the region, How participation of women and youth in P/CVE can be increased, strategies and recommendations for women/state collaboration and partnership is  addressing extremism and How to harness on existing P/CVE policies and programs to address conflict drivers in the region. 

At the end of the event, it was concluded that moving forward there is need for continuous dialogue between faith leaders, youth, women and government to maintain peaceful co-existence.